What Is Reddit Karma and How to Get It?

In the ordinary world, karma is a concept in which you get what you give, i.e., the consequences of your own lives depend on your actions. But on the Reddit platform, the word is given a slightly different meaning. As soon as you create your profile on Reddit you may see some set of numbers, so what is it? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Reddit Karma and how to get it.

What is Reddit Karma?

Reddit Karma is your points that are determined by your activity, on the platform, i.e. for your publications, comments, or participation in discussions. So this set of numbers we talked about in the beginning is your Karma, and the higher your number, the more recognized you are as a Reddit user. Some users have more than a million karma numbers. Everyone can see your karma if they mouse over your profile.

How does Reddit Karma work?

You get extra points when other users like your posts or comments, but as easy as you get them, you can also lose them, this happens when someone “dislikes” your posts. There’s no way you can buy yourself Reddit Karma, everything is only done by honest work.

What are the perks of Reddit Karma?

Trying for the approval and respect of other users is cool, of course, but Reddit Karma gives you a lot more than you might think. With it, you can:

  • Publish and comment as much as you want – if you’re new to the Reddit platform you have to wait a while before you’re allowed to post your articles, with Karma coming in you don’t have to wait anymore
  • Join “exclusive” subreddits – some of the low ones require a minimum number of points to join, one of them is r / CenturyClub which asks for 100,000 posts or comment karma
  • Feel more trusted – on this platform earning the trust of users is hard work, become a trusted Reddit known among many
  • Change the rules without getting in trouble -Reddit administrators are much more lenient with users who have more Reddit karma, for example, you have a much lower chance of getting banned for self-promotion

How to get karma on Reddit

As we’ve already said, the main key to success and earning a lot of Reddit karma is to post quality posts and comments, but there are a few other ways to help you out:

  • Join popular subreddits – there are a lot of users in large-scale subreddits who are sure to respond to something they like, for example, one of the trendy topics of discussion is various games like a sea of thieves reddit. You can contribute and you’re sure to get noticed
  • Publish funny or unique things – be on-trend and use them while they are at their peak, use popular memes and unusual photos or videos
  • Discuss hot topics – discussions on Reddit never stop, get into the hot topics and discuss them with everyone else, leave your comments and earn + karma for every witty or insightful comment
  • Query and answer r / AskReddit – you can monitor this subreddit and give useful advice on what you know, you also have a unique opportunity to ask a question and get a lot of answers