Difference Between Virtual Data Rooms and Google Drive

At first glance, virtual data rooms and Google Drive are completely different products: a cloud service and a client-server application. However, these products have a common purpose – the organization of joint work of users with documents. We will make a virtual data room cost comparison from this point of view.

What Should You Know About Data Room Providers?

The current level of technology development gives businesses unprecedented dynamics of development, but at the same time, the same dynamics appear in the hands of criminals. In such a situation, traditional approaches to security cease to work, and it is necessary to change the very approach to building protection for all company processes. The security service must win a place “at the business table” to respond in a timely manner to existing and new threats.

Ensuring security with the VDR providers should be based on the simultaneous application of the entire range of measures provided for by law or proposed by specialists. Technical and organizational measures must be commensurate with the capabilities of the organization and the information system. You can also choose multiple business addresses and expand your presence in the world.

There are many virtual data room service providers in the market. However, you need to be vigilant when choosing a provider that you can trust with your sensitive data. However, in order to compare online data room software providers, you must consider what exactly you are looking for. Once you know what features you need, it will be easier to choose the solution that best suits your business needs.

What Should You Know About Google Drive?

You can upload any files from your local computer to the folders of the Google Drive cloud drive. With its help, you can create texts, tables, and presentations in your own format (Google Docs documents). Google Drive can also open and convert files in the format of popular office applications (for example, Microsoft Word) into documents of their own format.

Google Drive has many features that you should know about:

    • It is regularly updated and provides 15 GB of free space for storing files of any format for private ownership.
    • With the help of “Google cloud,” you can create new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in one click and simultaneously work with other users and see changes made by co-authors in real-time.
    • All content is protected and confidential, and there is no need to look for additional means of protection.

What Is Different and Similar in VDR and Google Drive?

In the VDR, your uploaded files can be automatically indexed and organized, while in Google Drive, you should manually index each file. A data room is created as part of a central data repository for companies or divisions that are being bought or sold. There is also the possibility of remote work with the object of informatization using jobs outside the local area network.

With the VDR software, individuals will have greater control over their own data and ultimately greater ownership of it. The set of user rights in terms of data protection is also expanding, including the right to data portability and the right to be forgotten. In addition to the access model and the establishment of the confidentiality regime, it is required to check in what cases the data is encrypted, what type of means are used for this, and who has access to the encryption keys. And also how personal data is protected if the company is their operator, and whether the protection algorithms comply with the requirements of the regulator.